Updated 2019 Prostate Cancer Patient Guide

PCF has updated it’s 2019 Patient Guide. Compiled with the contributions of top-tier doctors and researchers in prostate cancer, it is a must-have resource for patients and families. It focuses all of the information available about contemporary prostate cancer research, treatment, and lifestyle factors into one consolidated document.

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More Than One Prostate Cancer in a Single Prostate?

As many as 40% of newly diagnosed PCa patients have unifocal disease, that is, just one focus of cancer. But that still leaves 60-80% of patients with multifocal PCa. Without evidence to the contrary, multiple foci in the same gland were thought to be biologically homogeneous, that is, identical to each other.

Then, along came the tools to analyze PCa at the molecular level, bringing new knowledge of the biology of PCa.

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How to train your bladder

If you experience a frequent urge to urinate—perhaps due to having an enlarged prostate if you’re a man, having given birth if you’re a woman, or having an “overactive bladder”—there may be a practical do-it-yourself solution to the problem, referred to as bladder training. It’s worth a try before resorting to medication or surgical procedures.

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Research finds ‘Achilles heel’ for aggressive prostate cancer. Drug makes prostate cancer cells self destruct

UC San Francisco researchers have discovered a promising new line of attack against lethal, treatment-resistant prostate cancer. Analysis of hundreds of human prostate tumors revealed that the most aggressive cancers depend on a built-in cellular stress response to put a brake on their own hot-wired physiology. Experiments in mice and with human cells showed that blocking this stress response with an experimental drug—previously shown to enhance cognition and restore memory after brain damage in rodents—causes treatment-resistant cancer cells to self-destruct while leaving normal cells unaffected.​

The new study was published online May 2, 2018 in Science Translational Medicine.​

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Cancer CAREpoint May 2018 Schedule and Update

As you know, Cancer CAREpoint provides free non-medical support to cancer patients, survivors and their families and caregivers.  As more and more people become survivors we are expanding our programs to help them transition to their new post-cancer lives.  Many cancer survivors share the struggle to develop their “new normal.” The goal is to acknowledge the trauma that is cancer diagnosis and treatment, but not to allow that diagnosis to take over the rest of your life.  If you are done with active treatment, please consider the following programs:

  • Cancer Survivorship 101:  A two hour survivorship seminar in Fremont at PAMF on 4/21 at 10:00 am
  • Survivorship Workshop Series:  6 week series for people who are interested in processing the emotional impact of cancer treatment.  Learn about practical tools and resources to help move forward after cancer.  Next series starts on Wednesday, May 2 at 6:00 pm at our Resource Center.  Please call for other dates.
  • Eating for Health– Survivor Nutrition:  A four week nutrition series led by Nancy Birang, BS, MT (ASCP), NC starting on June 20 at 6:30 pm at our Resource Center.

Here is the calendar for May.  We also have a new nutrition program that I am very excited about! Cancer CAREpoint purchased a set of  videos narrated by Rebecca Katz, the famous author of the Cancer Fighting Kitchen cookbook.  The programs are interesting, colorful and easy to understand.  We will watch about 45 minutes of the program  on each of two nights and our nutritionist Stephanie Figueroa, NC, will be there to answer questions and provide samples of the food prepared on the show. This nutrition class will meet on Monday, May 14th and May 21st at 6:30 at our Resource Center, please plan to attend both nights.

Thanks for your interest and support, as always, feel free to call or email if you have questions or concerns.

Sheryl Brown – Director of Operations and Programs

Cancer CAREpoint, 2505 Samaritan Dr., Suite 402

San Jose, CA 95124