What are Some Other Causes for a High PSA?

So you’ve had your PSA test, and it came back high. Your doctor did a DRE and ran a few more tests, and assures you that prostate cancer is very unlikely. Still, you’re worried. What are some other causes of a high PSA?

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Hydrogel spacer use during prostate radiation therapy – Community Experience

Reported in Urology Times:

For urologists and radiation oncologists alike, when treating prostate cancer, one recurring theme is “protect the rectum.” As surgeons, we learn meticulous techniques to avoid rectal injuries, and our radiation colleagues have long strategized on how to optimally deliver the maximum dose of tolerable radiation while minimizing radiation exposure to “organs at risk” such as the bladder, rectum, urethra, and penile bulb. In this era of dose escalation and hypofractionation, rectal toxicity is of paramount consideration.

In this article, we discuss one particular new product and how it may herald a significant change in the landscape of radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

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Online Active Surveillance Virtual Support Group

Prostate Cancer International announces the development and official opening of its online Active Surveillance Virtual Support Group. This group will meet by webinar or conference call once a month, with the next webinar on Wednesday, December 6, at 2:00 pm Eastern Time (11:00 am Pacific). Registration is required to join.

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